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As part of UNFPA Algeria's support to the Ministry of Health for the implementation of the National Plan for the Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality 2015-2019 that targets the strengthening of the national family planning program as well as Improvement of the contraceptive supply chain. UNFPA Algeria has undertaken advocacy actions with the various institutional partners involved in the procurement process, and securing contraceptive products.

 This intervention is to encourage procurement of contraceptive supplies by the Government of Algeria through the UNFPA procurement center.

In march 2017, UNFPA Algeria had organized a consultation focusing on improving supply chain of contraceptive products. This meeting came as a result of the recommendations of experts on the situation analysis and findings regarding securing reproductive health and family planning products.

The participatory workshop, facilitated by the Head of Procurement Services, Procurement-UNFPA-Copenhagen, offered an opportunity to discuss the practical feasibility of the procurement by the Algerian government through UNFPA PSB.

The added value of UNFPA Algeria is to support the Ministry of Health in strengthening the national family planning program by improving the security of contraceptive supplies through efficient procurement with a high quality /low Cost / competitive delay.


Thus, thanks to the advocacy carried out by UNFPA Algeria, the Central Pharmacy of Hospitals in Algeria, the main center for the purchase of medicines, has asked Algeria country office support to provide a large quantity of product to be acquired through UNFPA. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the advocacy and interest of the Government of Algeria in UNFPA products.