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Algerian Midwife Portrait: Ms Zohra ROUANE


Ms Zohra Rouane

Senior midwife

30 years of experience in reproductive health and family planning services


Ms Zohra Rouane has participated in several surveys with the Ministry of Health-Population Directorate, including PAPFAM-MICS3 and MICS4.
She has participated as well in the production of the documentary film on reproductive health in rural areas in 2003, produced jointly by UNFPA and the Directorate of Population, as part of the ALGERIA-UNFPA cooperation program.
Currently, she is working in Oran (a city in the west of the country), in a private medical and surgical clinic, where she contributed to the establishment of a new service concept “preparation for childbirth without stress”.
Ms Rouane is very active on social networks in terms of information and awareness of pregnant women and mothers; she provides remote orientation, family planning, antenatal and postnatal consultations, particularly during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.
She uses social networks to reassure couples who feel stressful and fear of Covid-19 contamination thereby she offers mental health support to pregnant women and better guidance for couples by respecting lockdown measures.