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UNFPA Algeria and MOH: Media information workshop about the ICPD 25

 June 11th, the Directorate of Population at the Algerian Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, has organized jointly with UNFPA Algeria Office, a media information workshop about the ICPD 25 Anniversary (International Conference on Population and Development) held in the Family center of the National Social Insurance Fund in Algiers.

This workshop has gathered different representatives of the written and audio/ visual press, representatives of different national institutional sectors (health, national education, solidarity and communication), research centers, members of the national population committee and other actors of the Civil society.

The message of the Population Director was about the importance of the key days to keep in mind and the process of ICPD Action Plan, he has presented the achievements of Algeria and the progress made in term of population and development issues.

MS Sakani Ouahiba, Algeria CO Representative Assistant, has put the stress on the ICPD as a Sustainable Development main pillar, she has reiterated the importance of the governments continuous engagement, however despite of the progress made the path ahead of us is therefore still a long one and so to ensure that no one is left behind and accelerate the promise of CAIRO 1994.

She insisted on the importance of representing Algeria at the High Level Summit in Nairobi-Kenya in November 2019, during which the governments will meet to renew their commitments and adjust their program structures.

A fruitful debate was launched which recommends to offer a training on population and development issues to journalists and to create a network to sensitize the public opinion about these issues.


Many articles from different newspapers have been published so far.