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UNFPA Algeria CO-participation on April 11th, 2019 to the workshop on the evaluation of the manual “I become literate with the non-violence culture”

IQRAA Association has contracted CENEAPED (National Center of Studies and Analyses for the Population and its Development) to conduct the evaluation of the manual being used in literacy program , using a questionnaire as a tool to collect the required information among beneficiaries of the literacy program run by IQRAA.
Mrs Sakani Ouhiba , Assistant Representative, explained the background of this initiative as UNFPA has supported the printing of the manual back in 2014. After 4 years of it use in literacy programme, it was found time to conduct its evaluation in 2018 and see how beneficiaries have made use of the information provided and initiated discussion on prevention of Gender-based violence. 
The evaluation has explored different issues related to domestic violence, street violence, and women’s empowerment. About 458 men and women in the literacy program were involved in the study implemented in rural and urban areas of 15 wilayas.  The study assessed their perceptions and the behavior change before and initiated after the use of the manual. It was found that even though women are the first victims of violence at home, or in the street and other public spaces, they are at the front of the prevention and promotion of non –violent behaviors. Thus, women play the role of actors of change and use literacy as the strategy to position illiterate population with responsible behavior in the society. 
During this evaluation workshop, several representatives from institutional sectors were invited (Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry, National Solidarity Ministry, Parliamentarians), as well as from the civil society. The debate went around the methodology used for the study, and the use of the manual by learners and their instructors to strengthen their capacities on prevention of prevention. 
UNFPA Algeria put emphasis on the needs to address gender issues and advocate through the implementation of this manual in the national program of literacy (third level learners) to inform on the existing legal framework and the government plan as well.