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United to end Gender Based Violence

In collaboration with the Ministry of National Solidarity, UNFPA Algeria celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women under the slogan: “United to end GBV”

The celebration was characterized by the participation of the Minister of Solidarity who emphasized on the vital role men can play to support protection of women’s rights.

Many bilateral partners joined which was a good opportunity for UNFPA to strengthen partnerships and broadcast best practices to create opportunities for future collaboration.

Civil society and youth were also associated and installed awareness stands to talk to the visitors and share discussions on recent publications and initiatives.

The most exciting piece of this celebration was the emphasis put on male engagement to respect, protect and promote women’s rights. Many participants took photos with messages showing how men should behave with women. Most of the messages promoted ending domestic and verbal violence.

UNFPA presented also series of video spots and a song on uniting men and women for the wellbeing of the family. Many radio programs run them for many weeks to sensitize the public opinion.

Following the official celebration, NGOs and groups of volunteers organized large awareness campaigns in public spaces to initiative positive talks about male engagement and reduce the negative image of seeing them only as perpetrators of violence.