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Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA): Your Role as a GBV Coordinator

Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) can support access to GBV and other sexual and reproductive health services, and contribute to the safety, dignity and resilience of women and girls in humanitarian contexts. It can offer discretion and flexibility compared to in-kind assistance, which can be particularly helpful for those who may be more at risk of GBV and loss of income due to their personal characteristics, such as older women, adolescent girls, persons with disabilities and LGBTIQ persons. CVA can also strengthen protection outcomes for women and girls: women at risk who can use CVA for housing or other basic needs are less likely to resort to transactional sex or harmful practices such as forced marriage, and may be less vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse.

CVA can cover the immediate, lifesaving needs of survivors such as emergency medical treatment and transport costs for clinical management of rape (CMR) services as part of a safe and confidential Case Management process to support healing and recovery.