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UNFPA 2020 Core Resources Mobilization

The three transformative results set out in UNFPA’s Strategic Plan 2018-21 in support of the realization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development cannot be achieved without securing adequate level of core resources, intensifying programmatic approaches, maintaining a global presence, and mobilizing additional resources to scale up results. 

Every year, UNFPA appreciates the core mobilized support from Governments to pursue the organization's Vision 2030 and transformative results: zero unmet need for family planning; zero preventable maternal deaths; and zero harmful practices and gender-based violence. 

Core resources are the foundation for all UNFPA programmes which aim to leave no one behind. UNFPA’s objective in 2020 is to rally a diverse coalition of contributors around our shared mandate: “Ensuring Rights and Choices for All”. We aim at mobilizing at least 150 governments globally towards this effort .