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I say no to Gender Based Violence, with theater

Algeria, June 2017

Abdou, Sonia, Marinel, Allen and many other youth, part of a group, committed to promote women’s rights and strengthen male involvement in GBV through their sense of humor via theatre skits.

UNFPA CO supported the group to build their knowledge on the subject of GBV and male involvement in ending GBV. The youth showed immense commitment initiative to convert the subject matter into skits that audiences can relate to.

The group is displaying their talent and innovation at youth centers, libraries and art rooms to present their messages and interact with their audiences. In a play called:” let us exchange roles”, young people tried to stimulate men to see gender issues and violence from the other side of the equation. Young women played the role of young men and vise versa.

Thanks to their professionalism and hard work, the group is attracting local media attention also and many centers for youth are inviting hem.

It is expected for UNFPA CO to continue supporting technically and enlarging the group to cover topics of family planning, sexual and reproductive health, women and youth rights and the demographic dividend.

The skits are created by the youth and the pleasure of initiating laughs and reflection, on a serious topic is shared by all!