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Public health midwife portrait

Public health midwife 

Ms. AIOUAZ Nadia

Central University Hospital « Mustapha Bacha » -Algiers-Algeria

32 years at maternity service "Story in the delivery room".


On 24h-duty, there are 15 to 20 deliveries for a team of three midwives during this period of Covid19 pandemic.
The strategy implemented by the Pr. head of service in order to minimize the contamination of medical personnel aims to reduce the number of staff on duty while a good quality of service is always guaranteed.
The obstetric emergencies encountered during the Covid19 are the same as before the epidemic, with only fewer antenatal emergency visits. Due to fear of being contaminated, pregnant women have reduced their visits.
At the Hospital Maternity Ward, we provide care for all obstetric cases and deliveries, including for women with HIV, HEPATITIS ... etc.
With a very sophisticated neonatology service (Fetal Care Service and newborns), we also provide good care for newborns.
A woman with Covid19 infection is a challenge. It is necessary to ensure a better service while protecting own self with the compulsory wearing of medical protective equipment and the absolute respect of hygiene instructions in order to minimize contamination and stop the spread of the virus.
The procedure is the same when it comes to childbirth for cases related to women with HIV or Hepatitis.
The problems encountered are the inadequacy of means of protection, lack of information about COVID-19 and on the emergency response plan put in place in such cases of Pandemic.
Parturient in this period are stressed and scared of being contaminated themselves or their newborn babies. They have many questions and concerns about breastfeeding and the precautions to take, which reflects their behavior during childbirth/deliveries; they want to give birth quickly and then go home as soon as possible. Our intervention at this level consists in making them feeling confident, assisting them and accompanying them. Oour role is to explain to them that our priority is to preserve their lives and those of newborns".
The midwife is the pillar of motherhood, as a midwife, I suggest, "training in order to learn how and when to intervene and manage this exceptional situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic".