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In Algeria, the maternal mortality rate has been reduced by more than 50% between 1999 and 2016, from 117.4 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births respectively to 57.7 maternal deaths, according to the Ministry of Health estimated data.


This estimation is based on data from the compulsory reporting system for maternal deaths instituted in 2013 by the Ministry of Health (audit of maternal deaths) and implemented with technical and financial support of both UNFPA and UNICEF


To keep reducing maternal mortality, on Sunday February 02, 2020 the Ministry of Health-Directorate of Population launched the 2nd survey to consolidate the maternal death rate with the technical and financial collaboration of the three (03) UN agencies: UNFPA -UNICEF & WHO.


Mrs. Ouahiba Sakani-officer In Charge of the UNFPA Algeria Office, was gave a speech on this launching occasion highlighting the role and commitment of UNFPA Algeria for the achievement of the three (03 ) transformative results - vision 2030.


She also reiterated the support of UNFPA for the implementation of Algeria's commitments to the ICPD25, at the Nairobi summit.


The Director of Population at the Ministry of Health said that this survey aims to reassess the coverage of the notification and mandatory reporting system for maternal deaths estimated at 70% in 2015.


The survey is based on a retrospective approach relating to the census of all the deaths of women in childbearing age (15-49 years) such as their marital status, recorded at the level of the civil status services in the municipalities of twenty (20) target Wilaya for deaths occurring between May 1 and July 31, 2019.


Objectives of the survey:


1. Evaluate the coverage of the compulsory notification / declaration system for maternal deaths implemented in health facilities since 2013

2. Updating and consolidating the maternal death rate

3. Generate reliable data  and evidence for the readjustment of national programs on maternal health and the reduction of preventable maternal deaths for the implementation of Algeria's ICPD commitments 25 / Nairobi summit (12- November 14, 2019) and for achieving the SDG3 by 2030.